Safety Travel Kit
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Your Safety Travel Kit

Luxury Safety Travel Kit

These Safety Travel Kit’s were created to meet the need for distribution and disposal of Personal Protective Equipment. A tool that started in LockDown in April 2020 and will be used for 2021. It is an essential tool for businesses operating in the field of reception and hospitality for travelers for 2020 and 2021.

Designed to beautifully and neatly enclose all the necessary Personal Protection Means as proposed by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

Our purchasing power in the production of Safety Travel Kit enables us to offer you even better prices in the Luxury Series but also the creation of a new Economy Series for City Hotels and small hotel units.

Always with the quality of MasterFold so that you can offer these media with your logo, in an impressive package, and at a very competitive price.



Safety Travel Kit

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Safety Travel Kit

Personal Protective Equipment




Safety Travel Kit

Shield Tool

Safety Travel Kit

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Safety Travel Kit Economy Series

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Safety Travel Kit

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Safety Travel Kit

Your Covid-19 Shield Tool

Safety  Travel Kit

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